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Life Coaching &

Reiki Healing Services

Empowering wellness solutions to help you lead a more fulfilling life
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Life Coaching

Are you ready to identify and break down your roadblocks and make a change? Life coaching is a powerful way for adults, teens and kids to define and achieve their goals. 


We will use guided meditations and journaling to process your obstacles. You’ll receive journal prompts which you can complete at your own pace. While writing and speaking about your issues, trauma, and tragedies can be difficult and makes them real, it also means you no longer have to bear them alone. We will then discuss your writings and situation, uncover ways to heal, and outline your path forward.


Find your voice and confidence with a:

  • Strategy: We’ll determine where and why you’re feeling stuck with the right questions and exercises.

  • Roadmap: Work off a clear outline of the necessary steps to accomplish your goals.

  • Accountability: Follow up is the key to your success!

  • Accessibility: Reach out as needed, receive regular personalized affirmations, and enjoy an intimate connection.


Find out how life coaching will benefit you today. Available both virtually and in-person at our Braintree, MA, office.


Starting at $65

Life Coaching


Heal your mind, body, and soul with the power of Reiki. As a Reiki Master, I will channel energy into you using gentle touch, activating your body’s natural healing process to restore your physical and emotional well-being.


Reiki is suitable for various phases of life and types of pain, including: 

  • Adults going through significant life transitions, such as divorce, marriage issues, or a midlife crisis.

  • Women going through IVF and fertility struggles.

  • People of all ages — including kids and teens — dealing with mental and emotional issues.

  • Cancer patients looking for complementary symptom management.

  • Pre- or post-surgery patients who wish to speed up healing and manage their pain.


You’ll enjoy: 

  • Guided meditations to ease you into a peaceful state of mind.

  • A calm and relaxing environment where you can truly disconnect.

  • Someone to talk to and guide you as various emotions or trauma come up.

  • Deep breathwork and the tools to center yourself and stay that way.

  • Affirmations to end each session on an uplifting note.


Reduce the stress, pain, and pressure you’ve been carrying with Reiki treatments today. Available in-person for those aged 7 and up. 


$45 for 30 mins | $75 for 1 hour

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Reiki Healing Package

The Reiki Healing Package is the best of both worlds! This two-hour session combines journaling, life coaching, and Reiki. 


During the first hour, we will work together to create and maintain a journal of what you hope to gain from your healing experience. I will use life coaching techniques to encourage you to share where you are stuck. We’ll then discuss ways to heal and work toward your happier self. 


Next, you’ll relax and enjoy a one-hour Reiki session customized based on your journaling and life coaching session. This approach will make the Reiki treatment that much more effective, targeting exactly what you need.


Writing about your blocks makes them real, while discussing them aloud frees you and allows you to confront them. Then you can start the process of putting your pain and challenges behind you once and for all.


$120 for a 2-hour Session

Hiking to Release

Reconnect with yourself and nature during a half-day retreat! Available for both individual clients and small groups, each Hike to Release includes: 

  • Journaling

  • Breathwork

  • Guided meditation

  • Reiki session

  • Affirmations

  • Conversations and topics to address your blocks

  • Meaningful music (for individual clients)


We will enjoy a gentle hike to a predetermined location which I will share with you beforehand. Past destinations have included Houghton’s Pond and Blue Hills Reservation, where clients enjoyed stunning scenery and energizing fresh air! Your retreat will be personalized based on your needs. 


Reach out for more information and to book your Hike to Release today! 


Starting at $250 for individual clients. Please contact me for group rates.

Enjoying Nature
Reiki Healing Packages
Hiking to Release
Reiki in the Workplace
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Reiki in the Workplace

Providing Reiki for your employees can help prevent stress and foster a more positive, efficient environment. Watch your team and your organization thrive with the addition of Reiki treatments. Workplace Reiki includes: 

  • One 20-minute Reiki session per person

  • Maximum 8 sessions per day


Available to employers in the Greater Boston area.


Ready to discuss your options and book regular Reiki sessions in your organization?

Are you ready to get unstuck, find your voice, and step into a healthier, happier life? 

Follow Our 3 Steps to Begin Your Healing Journey

Step 1

Discovery Session

During our free initial consultation, we will get to know each other and ensure it’s a good fit! I will also explain my services and unique approach to life coaching and Reiki.

Step 2

Now, the powerful work begins! Reiki clients will meet at my Braintree office and life coaching clients may choose to meet either virtually or in-person. You may share as much as you are comfortable sharing as we start working through your challenges.

First Appointment

Step 3

We will schedule regular sessions as needed throughout your healing and growing process. These can be set at a pace that works for you and your lifestyle.

The Work Continues

What Clients Say

I’m so grateful that I found Leslie to help me through life. I truly felt like I was lost and she continues to help me find myself and my way in life. She listens and helps develop actionable plans and goals to help you find true happiness. Her reiki is also a good addition to working through life’s struggles and is really healing. I can’t go a week without seeing her between her being my life coach and reiki - it truly is a match made in heaven! I could not do life without her help and healing!


-Maegan H.


Disclaimer: No service offered by Bella Soul Wellness is intended, in any way – explicit, implicit, by implication, or in reference – to be a substitute or replacement for licensed medical care. Please consult a physician if you have any medical questions or concerns.

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