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Meet Leslie

Your South Shore Life Coach & Reiki Master

Taking a relatable, compassionate approach to your wellness

Since 2018, Bella Soul Wellness has been serving residents of Boston’s South Shore area. As the founder, Reiki Master, and life coach of Bella Soul, my goal is to help people create happy, healthy lives. 


Energy healing and practical life coaching techniques will provide you with the resources and mindset necessary to achieve physical, emotional, and mental harmony. Bella Soul welcomes clients from all walks of life, ranging from kids aged 6 and up.


My personal journey and experiences have led me to believe that when we heal and elevate our overall well-being, we can positively impact the lives of those around us.

You are not alone.

At my core, I love connecting with and helping people. Much of this stems from facing many challenges on my own. I aim to make the path easier for others, reminding them that they have someone in their corner.


I have known…


The pain of being in an abusive relationship and what it’s like to be broken down, lose yourself, and truly believe you are nothing. I also understand what it’s like to walk away and rebuild your life and yourself.


The raw grief of losing loved ones. When I lost both parents, first my mother and then my father less than 2 years later, I also learned how grief can open doors — as it did for me with Reiki and life coaching.


The physical, mental, and emotional roller coaster of IVF after undergoing it for both my sons and spending years trying to get pregnant. I went through six trials before getting pregnant with my first and wish I’d had someone to support and guide me.


You could say I didn’t walk a straight, “normal” path. But between all of these obstacles, I built myself back up and found the opportunity in each. I went back to college and obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Human Development with a minor in Sociology. I then spent seven years as a social worker with the Department of Children and Families.


Although I loved assisting clients, social work was a mentally and emotionally draining career. Life soon took me in a new direction that would allow me to continue helping people on my terms. I have now been a certified life coach since 2012 and a Reiki Master since 2018.


I don’t regret any of these experiences. They have brought me to where I am today, made me stronger, and given me a wonderful gift that I can share with others.

My Mission

To help people who are struggling with trauma and other emotional and mental blocks find ways to heal, move forward, and create fulfilling lives.

My Approach

Relatable & Intimate

Past experiences allow me to easily empathize with clients and their challenges. I aim to make people feel comfortable and safe in a judgment-free environment, encouraging them to open up and release the weight they’ve been carrying.

Practical & Warm

Each Reiki and life coaching session can bring up different emotions and blocks. Everyone has unique perspectives and experiences. I take a practical, therapeutic approach and weave in the spiritual as much or as little as you desire.

Inquisitive & Evolving

Together, we will find your ideal solution. I will ask you questions to help you think differently, guide you through exercises like journaling, and adjust my technique along the way. Reiki and life coaching are tools that you can use as you need.

If you’re ready to heal and discover your next steps with guidance from someone who understands what you’re going through, schedule a free consultation today and start your journey toward a balanced life!
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